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Gail J Richardson (Sole Owner of Marshall County Ky Marketing),  is an accomplished web designer, SEO  expert, social media consultant, and overall internet marketing enthusiast.


She has been making websites and driving  traffic to them for years .


Since then, she has improved her online marketing strategies daily and has helped many small businesses get online and understand the complexity of today’s online world.


Her goal is to help small businesses get on track with great ROI’s and new customers flowing into their business.


She is not afraid to help you with the offline media such as well as press releases, graphics, business cards direct mail campaigns, and much more.


She has studied how to succeed in small business and wants to pass on the knowledge she possesses to help others free of charge.


If you have a problem with your company image, getting new customers, taking advantage of the internet for your business, or figuring out your target market and current ROI, Gail is willing to help.


She also employs some of the best coders, designers,marketers, and graphic artists to meet your every need.


Please don’t be hesitant to call Gail for anything that you may need at  www.marshallcomarketing@gmail.

Marshall County Ky