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Does Your Business Need Social Media?

Social Media Usage FACTS:


  • Social media is now used by almost a third of small businesses (31 percent), up from 24 percent in 2010 and 12 percent in 2009.


  • Many local and offline business owners are getting deeply involved with social media. Many are also having success, particularly in service-based industries and those sectors which benefit from a high level of online sales or exposure.


  • Merchant Circle reports that local businesses are turning to less expensive marketing methods such as social media to promote their products and services.


  • Social media is real time, available 24/7, and more conversational than conventional advertising. When done effectively, it’s a new way for local and offline business owners to interact with their target audience, resulting in more sales and profits.


  • Social Media is a powerful branding tool.  When you put your company into the world of social networking, you show everyone that your business is up on the times when it comes to cutting-edge marketing.


  • Regardless of whether your small business has a website or not, you can benefit from the social media craze.


  • There is almost universal awareness among small business owners of Facebook and Twitter. However, they’re unsure exactly how to utilize the platforms to increase sales and profits for their businesses.


  • Social media will allow you to stay engaged with customers, as well as attract new customers due to the viral nature of social media.


  • Studies show that 63 percent of owners feel that social media has helped make their customers more loyal.


  • With social media,  you can connect and build relationships with customers and put your business at the top of their minds when they need your product or service.


  • Spreading the word of your business through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, as well as communicating via video updates on a YouTube channel is beneficial to both you and the customers that follow you.


  • Debuting your business on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter allows you to establish a great conversational and engaging relationship with your social media community.


  • Business dialogues become powerful communication tools when utilizing the reach and immediacy of social media.


  • Successful social media marketing strategies benefit most by being be cross-promotional, across all of your chosen social media platforms.
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