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Marshall County Ky Marketing Uses Video For Local Businesses

Marshall County Ky Marketing Uses Videos For Local Business

At a recent conference a Google executive said that about 20% of Google searches center around local  search information. By looking at the chart to the left you can see that a large percentage of that search in here in the US and delivered to us by Google. Obviously “local search” covers a very wide range of categories. This could be anything from looking for a local plumber to finding a coupon for your neighborhood water hole. Whatever the reason, people are finally coming around and almost completely replacing the good old telephone book with the internet. Part of this shift probably can be attributed to Groupon. They have successfully scaled up a large operation that has brought the local daily deal concept to large groups of people.

Given the proliferation of local search, as indicated previously, there are a lot more businesses competing for the valuable real estate on the first page of the major search engines. With the addition of Google Places, Bing Local and Yahoo Local where local business listings are linked to maps, there is even less space on the results pages to get ranked. However, There is one high-growth area of the internet that helps businesses stay above the rest; video. With the rise of high bandwidth connections over the past few years and Google’s acquisition of YouTube (which also happens to be one of the largest search engines on its own) a huge amount of time and resources has been focused on online video. If you couple the high growth of online video with the hot local sector, you have a very fast growing segment of the web.

Business are starting to realize that to use video SEO services is a great way to improve visibility for their own company’s local search. By using a combination of traditional search engine optimization techniques with more “updated” strategies specifically tied to video SEO, it is possible to get very quick and positive results in Google and other search engines for many popular search terms.

As a very basic primer to understanding where to start if you would like to use video for your own local business, here are 3 ideas to help improve your video ranking for local search:

1) Research the market. Go online and see what your competitors are doing. Are they running promotions through deal sites? Is there website better informed than yours? Are they doing a good job of building a brand? Answering these and other questions will give you more info to improve your own results.

2) Focus. There are always many different options when it comes to marketing your business online and improving your ranking. So as to not feel overwhelmed, begin with some small projects, such as improving your site’s content with creating a simple video and placing it on your site. Once you get your toes wet, you will start to build the confidence to expand your online presence.

3) Use Video. Local search works very well with video. There are a number of reasons for this that are best saved for a more technical SEO article. However, the end result is video is very useful in helping to get your business on the web. YouTube and other video search engines are the easiest place to start, but as you realize the power video for local search, you may decide you want to expand and start hosting your own video (again a topic for another day.)

Hopefully this will get you thinking about using video to get helped get better results for your business on the various search platforms.

Aaron Boxerman, President and Founder of Local VSEO (http://www.localvseo.com), works with local and small businesses to generate leads and improve their search ranking through traditional and video seo (search engine optimization) strategies. He has been involved in sales and marketing as well as web design since the beginning of the do- com boom in 1995. Over the years he has been involved in a number of internet start-ups, as well as COO of a small business that employed close to 20 people, running the sales and operations of the company. Through these various companies Mr. Boxerman has learned a lot about customer service, lead generation, marketing and sales. Local VSEO is the culmination of the years Mr. Boxerman has spent in the industry. He is now bringing his experience to other businesses to help them grow with the help of innovative local SEO and video marketing strategies and techniques.

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